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Everyone should have a great website. Our simple 3-Step process gets you connected quickly, easily, & affordably.
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Our Technology
You receive free web hosting and a free domain. You also receive an incredibly secure and stable website.
About Us
Decades of experience & knowledge,  great support & service, and all for an exceptional value.
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3 - Simple Steps to Get Started Today!
The Competition
I have seen everything from FREE website builders to websites that cost over $2000 advertised. Why Should I choose AtomicBridge? Compare us to the competition and the answer will be clear.

"Free" / Cheap Builders. As you know, nothing is free. These so-called “free” or cheap site builders sneak their charges in and advertise on your site after YOU have worked hard to build it. They charge you for hosting, domain name, and anything else they can. These “free” site builders will leave you with a cheap website, which usually doesn’t do what you want it to do. Avoid the frustrating & time consuming “FREE” way that is anything but “FREE.” It will end up costing you Time and Money while sacrificing the Quality of the website that represents you and your company.

1-Time Design Only Builders. They design your website and that is it. It is up to you to figure out how to host your site, buy a domain, and everything else that is required to have a website. They are also expensive!

AtomicBridge Custom Website Design. We will be your virtual IT Department. From site creation, to publishing, to maintenance. We will take care of every aspect of your website. The others will not. We make it simple & affordable to have a website. 
Complete & Affordable
Design Only Builders
"Free" / Cheap Builders
Very Low Quality
Cost $30 per month / $200 setup Fee $250 - $2000 Per Design  Free - $200
Custom Website Design Yes YES NO
Custom Domain Name Yes NO EXTRA CHARGE
Website Hosting Yes NO EXTRA CHARGE
Changes to your Website YES - 5 Per Month EXTRA CHARGE - REDESIGN NO
Unlimited Bandwidth YES NO EXTRA CHARGE
Unlimited Diskspace YES NO EXTRA CHARGE
Personal Web Developer YES YES NO
Search Engine Optimization YES EXTRA CHARGE NO
Search Engine Submission YES EXTRA CHARGE NO
Site Map Creation YES YES NO
Descriptions, Keywords, Titles YES YES NO
Email and Phone Support YES YES NO
Daily Website Back-ups YES NO NO
Google Analytics YES NO NO
50 Company Email Addresses YES NO NO
Why Choose AtomicBridge? - Compare us to the Competition.
3 - Simple Steps to Get Started Today!
Superior Websites for Everyone
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